Sunday, 19 February 2017


“Somewhere between our conversations…”
Kevin paused and Anitha was anxious than she would normally be.
“….i fell in love with you.”
Kevin avoids grammatical errors and Anitha avoids software bugs in their professions. They met at a gala ceremony at Paris few months back. They were at the penultimate stage of Phillio,as a friendship which turns into  love is called as…..
Some good writers knew the trick to attract others by weaving their words and Kevin mastered at it. Anitha was sometimes caught in his web and when he said “….i fell in love with you.”It Created considerable waves in her.
She felt something different this time around; her women’s instinct said so.
She wished it was not just another dialogue for his book, ironically, he wished she knew that, but he liked these gestation periods! The dialogue was pursued by a romantic silence.
“Anitha..,how was it! ;)”..kevin winked .
“Yeah..that was real good” .replied Anitha absent mindedly.
“Ok then!” Kevin said, “I’ve got some work and we’ll see soon”, he started packing his shoulder bag. It was something between the atmosphere surrounding the love wall near which they were sitting and Kevin’s wink, Anitha fell for him, fell the moment he said “….i fell in love with you.”. All of a sudden, she grabbed him by his head and perfected her first French kiss she was practicing for him. Kevin went into a state of brain freeze for 10-15 seconds.
“Anitha...!” he exclaimed.
“I knew it was not just another dialogue...”she replied.
“Yeah, thought of saying. But…., never mind”
And here goes the second, and the third…
Days after mastering their French kiss, Anitha thought to take him to her parents, Prabakaran and Samantha, a pair from Pondicherry who settled in Paris. Though pondy has a French connect, the cultural difference was very much evident. They had to loosen up themselves to elevate to their daughters generation. They tried their best to do so.
”Don’t our kids have their own choices” Prabakaran thought to himself on seeing his little girl with her boyfriend.
The meeting went in a casual way and Kevin seemed to get going easily with her parents. He looked genuine, honest and caring. Prabakaran couldn’t have asked for a better person for his daughter.
Once Kevin left, Anitha opened up,
“Daddy! I wish to marry him!”.
Since these daddies too have their own cute possessiveness on their daughters, they expect their son-in-laws to be as caring to their kid as they are .It was one thing which seemed too convincing about Kevin for Prabakaran,and he trusted his daughters decisions, and became nostalgic when his wife remained him of their love marriage.
“It’s your wish dear!” …
Anitha experienced what it was to be in cloud nine, something which she has heard many a times.
“By the way! Appa had called! Next week is their 50th wedding anniversary. Can’t believe I have completely forgotten about it ”
“That’s great , 50 in years is not a small number. How about going to Pondicherry and giving them a surprise. We’ll call Kevin too” added Samantha.

The part two of this Story "Love over the Generations" has been written by Sulaiman Sait as a part of blogging activity by Chennai bloggers club. Click   here to read Part II of the story.

  This post is written for the 'love theme' contest by the chennai bloggers club  in association with woodooz and  Indian super heroes

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