Sunday, 14 February 2016

My love,

A lyric which always lingers in my mind when a thought of you pops up, "pengal mele meiyal undu,naan pitham kondathu unil matum",and i start living the life between my ears  with you in the way i wanted to.

This happens every time when i hear a piece of my friends love life who were lucky enough to have found their other half  at an early stage of their life,or when vehicle with a lady hugging her partner crosses me.Having been the odd man out in a group of lover boys,whenever my mates starts their tales,i would draw a picture of how i should be with you.

The picture starts with us sitting hand in hand and completely in our zone.Warming in comfort of each other and to know more about ourselves,which is going to be a daily process till our last breath,we started it that day,eye on eye,as we poured words from our hearts.

The uncomfortable feel in your eyes,i loved it, when i was saying about my fair share of crushes which were crushed the moment i saw another one,and about my proposal to my most favorite crush in college,to your prayers and luck,nothing took off,and you showed your revenge by passing your salt like possessiveness to me. 

We started realizing our perfect imperfections which we promised to sought it out one by one,to take one step,but a firm one at a time.And our conversation went on and on until our hearts became naked and nothing more to hide between us,as if we had attained  nirvana in our relationship,a complete serene feel.It was only us.

And i understood this is the way i have imagined and  im leaving this letter half-filled for you to  complete the day you get this.The picture is incomplete with your anonymous face.Its been a long wait,my romantic hormones are in a cryosleep,wanting to write my most beautiful poetry with you.Lets write it my love.

This is a post written for a Valentine’s Day – Write a love letter campaign organized by The Chennai Bloggers Club.

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